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Took my infant son to see Dr. Birch because he had two teeth that were starting to stain. Dr Birch did a 30 second exam from which he concluded that my son needed 8 crowns and nerve treatment. He stated that there were no other options. I wanted a second opinion and asked my dentist for a recommendation and was referred to Weidman Dentistry who performed a very thorough exam (using a pick to determine if staining/decay was superficial or deep) and followed up with x-ray to confirm treatment plan. They recommended fillings for 7 teeth (all superficial) and stated that x-rays showed no nerve damage. They also took a lot of time showing proper brushing and flossing techniques for our infant son so we would not run into the same problem again. I was very impressed with Weidman Dentistry and elected to go with them for their thoroughness and professionalism. Will NEVER go to Dr. Birch again.
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