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Dr. Laurie Ladow DDS - Dentist

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I was a dental tech in the Navy and know all too well you can't tell if a dentist is good or bad just by their "chair side manner" I have seen some of the most pleasant, friendly dentists do pretty shoddy work that won't reveal itself for 5-10 years. As an example, I hand-picked excellent Navy dentists to replace bad fillings with gold crowns or inlays when I was between 18 and 20 years old. NONE of them have had to be replaced in the ensuing 43-45 years. THAT is what I call good dentistry! Dr. LaDow is every bit the equal to any of those Navy dentists. The fact the "newest" employee (of about 9-10) was hired SIX years ago tells you what kind of work environment she creates. Dr. LaDow is the real deal. Period

About Hygienist: All of the hygienists are very good but my favorite is Mary.

I know this doctor: 18 years

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