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My Family and I had been coming here for OVER 20 YEARS but we will not be returning after this incident: I went in for a routine cleaning. After I finished and got home, I felt a pain in my tooth and saw that it had a small chip in it. Remembering back on the appointment, when I was rinsing I felt a small "crumb" come out of my mouth, the tooth chip. I called the receptionist, Pat, the next day to tell her I was in pain and that the chip had occurred under the care of the dentist, and therefore was their fault. I made an appointment the next day to fix the chip, which they did. However, they tried to charge me for fixing the damage that they inflicted. I explained that I didn't think I should have to pay for something that they broke. After receptionist Pat called me a liar, she said, " If you don't have faith in Dr. Templin's dentistry, you can go somewhere else!" Wow! I couldn't believe that they would treat me this way after so many years, over a relatively small amount of money.

About Front Desk: Pat was very rude

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