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Dr. Raymond Funada DDS - Dentist

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Dr Funada patient from ~2011-2013 2011, Visit dr Funada for the first item for evaluation Dr Funada performs bite wings, PAno, pocket probing and general review. Dr Funada makes comments about jaw bone looking like 60-70 y/old patients, also says heavy gum recession but gums generally healthy- demyths the Spirochete bacteria comments from previous DDS. Pockets are observed at 3-4 with some 5mm’s.2011, Chris goes to Dr. Boger to retrieve old records to “compare and contrast” Dr Alwyn’s jaw bone panos and pocket observations (this is all in my old Dr Alwyn records!). While at dr Bogers office Dr Boger generously offers to check my pocket depths for free and reports similar results as DR Alwyn’s previous exams. Visit Dr Funada and compare pano’s with Dr and I see no major changes from ~2004 and 2011 panos. Some bone loss in lower front teeth and minor loss elsewhere. Dr Funada recants comment about Jaw bone loss and said he was talking about my gums not my jaw bone! 2011, Dr Funada fits Bite block for jaw bone erosion issue, also laminates ceramic to the “ridges” on the exposed portion of my molars.2012-2013, All seems well and no pano’s, just general checkups and cleaning on 3 month schedule, bite wings every 6 months

About Front Desk: Great! If you have any form of anxiety, do not go to this dentist! Peridontal exam bogus- adds 1-2mm to all probe readings

About Hygienist: 2013, Visit for cleaning and pockets eval and pockets seem slightly deeper in ~10% of locations. Very minor bleeding during flossing (and noted at similar locations as previous visit). Dr Funada sends me home with periodontal rinse and wants 2 week follow up. 2013, 2 week follow, quick and easy. I enquire about why I needed the rinse and Dr Funada states that I had bleeding when he was “touching” my gums. IMO, complete fiction as I have not bled for over a year. -Comment creates suspension and anxiety. 2013, Performed research, spoke with bacterial DR’s about possible Lyme and Spektrokete infestation in my mouth. Found journal study that proved 80% of adult Humans have some form of spektroketes in their flora. 2014, cleaning scheduled w/Dr Funada. Appt. cancelled

Hygiene time: 45

I know this doctor: ~3 years

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