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After having had extensive dental work in my life, I found myself with failing teeth. In previous years three other dentists told me that my bone and gums were too good to remove my teeth, all said that they could repair my teeth for around 30 grand. One knows when they need new teeth. I made my 1st appointment with Dr Dunlap in late Jan (2017) He could see right away that my teeth were indeed failing and that it was affecting my health. He said yes and I started crying. I took the very 1st appt (March) I could to get started. The extractions are not the best part of your journey here but you will love the rest of the trip. I am fascinated how this office runs. Everyone is amazing! Had my temps put in just hours before flight to DC for 6 days. Fit perfect no problem at all... boy did I eat. Well, I now am in possession of my new forever teeth. (July) I cried again They are beautiful and so is my smile again. Who knew that new teeth would be a life changer?

About Front Desk: Everyone in this office is amazing

I know this doctor: Met Jan. 26th 2017

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