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Let me describe my frustrating experience: I was the retired Dr. Sendoff’s patient and first time visited to Dr. Markogiannakis on November 7th. I came ONLY for evaluation regarding my broken tooth. Dr. Markogiannakis said that it is hopeless and referred me to another doctor which is fine. What is not fine is that although she spent on me less than 4 minutes, and no procedure was performed (she just looked into my mouth with her naked eye) but on my way out I was charged $100. I could not believe this and asked the nurse to go back to Dr. Markogiannakis and double check this. She came our telling me that Dr. Markogiannakis confirmed that for the “exam” I owe $100. There is exam and exam. I do not know the quality of Dr. Markogiannakis as a dentist but to charge a new patient $100 for a less than 4 minutes conversation is not a correct thing. I urge you to think twice whether you want to visit such a dentist.

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