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Dr. Stacy Makhnevich DDS Lincoln Square Dental Arts of Manhattan - Dentist

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405 Lexington Ave, 69th fl, suite 6

New York, NY 10174

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I made an appointment through the answering service (which is the only way to contact this dentist) at Chrysler Dental, where her office is located. I went to my appointment the following day only to find out that I was not on the patient list and even more disturbing that the doctor had no hours that day. A kind security guard escorted me to the office and I found out that the dentist had not been in all day and that they had no record of my appointment. I called her number listed on her card and website and found to my dismay the answering service again. I explained my situation and she said she would try to contact the dentist. After 10 calls to the answering service that day and the next, I never received a call back from the service or the dentist. The service and dentist should be ashamed to call themselves professionals.
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