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Dr. Mehran Fotovatjah DDS - Endodontist

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let me honest, i do not like to go to doctors or dentists, but if you have a problem, you must get it done professionally. I was a bit apprehensive before my root canal appointment for my upper third molar. i was looking for a professional person to get this fixed, and i am glad i got it done. this was the best dentist i have ever been to. the procedure lasted 1 hour. my only concern was that when i was numbed up and dr. mehran started working on my tooth, i had the odd feeling that he began working on a second tooth, so i had to interrupt him during the procedure. he assured me that it was only one tooth, and due to numbness, it feels as if he is working on other teeth as well....but that is not the case. at the end of the treatment, i got some pain reliever pills, but really did not need any because apart from slight discomfort which lasted a few hours, there was absolutely no pain, and the inflammation from the infected nerves disappeared completely the next day. so i would highly recommend this orthodontist. the location is good, and you have a nice view from the windows. 5 star ratings.

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