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Today I had a root canal with Dr. Lerner. All I can say is WOW! Dr. Lerner is an exceptional endodontist. I'd been going back and forth for about 2 years with a tooth that had a deep filling on it and I was told that I'd probably eventually need a root canal. After putting a temporary crown on it and watching and waiting to see if the pain goes away, it went away for about 2 weeks and then returned. At this point, I was pretty sure I needed a root canal. My uncle just retired as an endodontist and did a root canal for me before, so I knew I needed to find another one. I don't settle for just anybody when it comes to my teeth because one thing I take good care of and invest in are my teeth and my health. I believe you get what you pay for and I don't shop around for deals when it comes to these things. Also, I'd never let a general dentist do a root canal on me. They're not trained in it and shouldn't be doing it. And quite honestly, no offense to the goyim, but I prefer my dentists to be Jewish. I went online and found Dr. Lerner's excellent reviews, so I gave him a call. From the moment I spoke to his wife Barbara on the phone, I felt comfortable. I told her I'm terrified of dental work and she reassured me that I'm going to the best. I soon learned that she wasn't just saying that because he's her husband, but because he really is the best. She said that she had 5 root canals done by him and never felt a thing. Not to mention he invented many endodontic procedures that are used in every endodontist office today and has impressive education credentials. His reviews on Google speak for themselves. He has people that fly in from all over the world to see him for a root canal. He even worked on Frank Sinatra! It just so happened that my sister and I needed root canals at the same time, so we went together. From the moment we walked in, we felt like we were in the right place and Barbara is so pleasant and really calms you down. The whole office was so laid back and friendly. I loved their on staff Bichon named Coquette. I'm a dog lover so this really helped calm me down even more. His assistant was able to get x-rays on me with ease on the first try, and it's usually very tough to get them on me. From the moment Dr. Lerner gave me the injection of Novacaine, I didn't feel a thing. He's by far the most gentle dentist I've been to. I could've gone to sleep I was so comfortable and Dr. Lerner was hilarious! He tells jokes as he works to keep you relaxed. But this is the most important thing for me, the numbness wore off 4 hours ago and I have absolutely NO pain. ZERO! I was worried about afterwards because after my first root canal, I had pain afterwards. I've had more pain after a filling than I have from today. He wasn't the cheapest endodontist around, but I wasn't looking for a deal because I believe that's when you get botched work, I paid $1,500 and it was worth every penny. I really hope I never need a root canal again because I wouldn't wanna go anywhere else when Dr. Lerner retires.
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