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Dr. Jeffrey Singer DDS - Dentist

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Washington, DC

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Jeffrey Singer is a great dentist. Friendly, pro, never pushy, and ready to explain the different procedures you might need (cost/benefits/etc). He did 2 crowns for me, a molar and a front tooth. You can't really tell that they're "fake" teeth, as they match the shape and color of my other teeth perfectly. Cost was ok (not cheap but still affordable). You get what you pay for. On the bad side, get ready for the worst customer service. His secretary is one of the rudest and most incompetent person I ever had to deal with. I have experienced multiple billing errors, as did my wife. It took almost a year to clear a bill that had been paid by my insurance within 10 days (I kid you not). When my wife called to check if her payment issues had finally been taken care of , the secretary hung up on her after saying: "YES, it's been taken care of!" in a rude tone. Totally unprofessional, and a disgrace to Dr Singer's talents. Major attitude ahead, you've been warned...
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