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Dr. Barry Jurist DDS - Endodontist

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I'm writing this because I lost track of Dr. Jurist. In 1976 I went to him to get a root canal. At the time he had an office on North Point Road. The reason I'm writing today is root canals aren't promised to last very long. Even dental implants from what I understand are to last 5 to 7 years tops. I had the root canal done is 1976, in 2004 as I sat in the dentist chair of another dentist. He was amazed to see that I still had a good root canal and hardly believed me when I told him I got it in 1976. That was when I became aware that Dr. Jurist was a fantastic dentist. I found this site looking up Dr. Jurist to make an appointment. Just thought I'd share this information with you.
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