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Dr. Aleksander Iofin DMD - Endodontist

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I had a tooth that had significant work done by a different dentist about 10 years ago, including a large filling. Unfortunately, a painful infection developed under my tooth that required surgery to treat. Doctor Iofin gave me hope and impressed me with his professionalism, detailed care and familiarity with advanced technology. I am a very sensitive person, especially when it goes to the pain. I didn’t know what to expect from the surgery. The doctor tried to be as helpful as he could. First, I remember relaxing, classical music playing while I was waiting for the numbness. The chair on which I was sitting was toward the window. I was looking out the window and there was a small smoke from one of the nearest buildings. This helped to move myself from the place where I was to somewhere beyond. The doctor came a few times and checked on me. Later, the surgery started and the most difficult part for me was laying on one side of my body, feeling the pulling of my lip, some pressure, and seeing my blood from the tube. But this is what the surgery is, I guess. The doctor asked several times how I felt and a nurse was very helpful and gentle. After the surgery, I was not on my own. One person from the office called and gave some recommendations. The doctor was always available to talk and check on me. The cuts are healing and are invisible. My trust and thankfulness for great care are heartily given to Doctor Iofin and his staff.

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