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Avoid this clinic. After a routine replacement of an old filling on a lower molar, the molar directly above it started aching. He and his specialist both told me this upper molar needed to be replaced with an implant. I took my boss' advice and drove all the way to Connecticut for a second opinion from his dentist, Dr. Feldberg, who came in on his day off, to see me as a favor to his old buddy, my boss. Turns out, I didn't need all this work -- it was simply that Dr.Bley left the new filling on my lower molar "high", resulting in the irritation of nerves of the upper molar. Dr. Feldberg fixed it by simply re-adjusting my bite. It took 2 minutes and the pain immediately disappeared. He also looked at the x-ray, did a couple of other checks and said there was no obvious crack and no reason to replace this tooth with an implant. Dr. Feldberg has no ulterior motive for this dramatically different diagnosis: he's semi-retired, didn't charge me for anything and isn't looking for new patients....he was simply horrified by Dr. Bley.....and that Dr.Bley wanted $2500 just to extract that molar!!!!!!! Before going in for extensive, expensive oral surgery, get at least 1 other opinion.
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