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Dr. Daniel Bley DDS - Dentist

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Boston, MA

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For the most part, I visit Dr. Bley's office twice a year for cleanings/checkups, although on one occasion he did a filling for me. Staff is GREAT, caring and friendly. They call you a few days before your appointment to check in and their manner is like catching up with an old friend. I've always had my questions answered kindly and thoroughly, and there's always a willingness to discuss what's going on, whether with a procedure or with insurance/payment. There was no pain with the drilling/filling. A bit of pain with my last cleaning, but that may come with the territory. Sometimes I wonder if Dr. Bley may be a bit too eager to drill. I have no doubt that this comes from his eagerness to nip a potential problem in the bud rather than let it possibly grow into something dangerous. Still, I suspect that some other dentists (like one I had living in another state) might hesitate to drill before being SURE that there is a problem because they believe that drilling inherently weakens the structure of the tooth and should be a last resort.

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