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I have been seeing Dr. Epstein for TMJ issues. I was referred when my regular dentist was not able to stablize my bite. Dr. Epstein was not entirely clear about the costs of his services. He did not communicate that there would be a $60 initial consultation fee. He did indicate that I would be charged $350 to adjust my splint but said nothing about a bite analysis for which he charged an additional $100 or so (not sure of the exact price). When I complained about the additional charge, however, he offered to split the cost of the bite analysis. My bite IS BETTER since I began seeing Dr. Epstein. The only other comment is that I will not change to Dr. Epstein for my regular dental needs (even though his office is closer to me than my other dentist's) because I'm uncomfortable with the length of his nails, which I consider unhygenic. He DOES wear gloves so perhaps this is more my issue than his.

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