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I met Dr. Klein last week, when I came in for a pre-cleaning assessment. I have been looking for a local dentist since 2010. I thought Dr. Klein might be the one. Michelle examined my mouth and took x-rays. Dr. Klein's exam was postponed until after my cleaning, which took place today. Here's the bottom line: His hands shake. I'm not afraid of dentists or dentistry in general--other than ending up with a dentist whose recommendations I don't trust, but shaky hands take me back to my scary childhood dentist. It bothered me enough to ask Michelle about his shaky hands after my exam. She told me he was aware of it and taking medication to control it. She said he would be open to discuss it with me. Despite my limited finances, Dr. Klein strongly recommended a $775 night guard, a $1000 crown, and replacing a filling. The night guard is not covered by any plan and that was his first priority for me. Yet my last dentist who I saw for 11 years, never suggested a mouth guard. I plan to find and visit another dentist covered by my insurance to get a second opinion. The shaky hands thing might be too much for me.

About Hygienist: Michelle is fantastic. I would come back just for her cleanings. She is cheerful, intelligent, thorough, and nice. I asked her to do an old-fashioned cleaning, with tools rather than ultrasonic. I take good care of my teeth/gums, so that's an option for me. She did an awesome job. My mouth feels great. She also did an excellent job of taking digital x-rays of my mouth. It's very cool to be able to see them on a screen right in front of you--a first for me.

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