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Dr. Robert Girschek DMD Gentle Dental CTR - Dentist

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Waltham, MA

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Dr. Girschek is nice, honest and gentle. He does a great job. I had my wisdom teeth taken out at his office, and my one complaint was that they had me pay for it immediately after the procedure. I was all woozy and drugged up on painkillers and didn't even remember paying; I found the copy of the signed receipt later in my purse. I would have been happier to pay ahead of time for that type of procedure, when I at least knew what was going on. The front desk staff is cordial. Not extraordinarily special, but friendly.

About Hygienist: Janet is usually my hygienist. She is pretty thorough, but she is rough, and usually makes my gums bleed. She also has a very strong personality--which I can find to be annoying. Some of the other hygienists are just as thorough and much gentler. I am looking for a new dentist office because I can't take the pain from her any more.

I know this doctor: 5 years

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