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My initial appointment for a cleaning/exam took almost 3 hours even though I was on time and nothing unexpected happened to impose such a delay. I visit the dentist regularly and take good care of my teeth, but Dr. Madani suggested I come back repeatedly to have 8 procedures total, some as severe as teeth pulling because the tooth "might cause problems later." She didn't even bother to tell me what these 8 things were until I explicitly asked, she just told me to make another appointment. This seemed outrageous, so I went to another area dentist to get a second opinion. The other dentist recommended I have one sealant on one tooth, and nothing else was necessary. I felt like I was visiting a shady used car salesman who was trying to simply profit at my expense. I'm not sure who these other reviewers saw, but the Dr. Madani I went to was horrible, and the 3 hr teeth cleaning I received wasn't even good.

About Hygienist: The hygenist I saw was rude and the cleaning was abrupt and did seem at all thorough. She made me sign a waiver before polishing my teeth because she wanted me to come back for a separate visit just for tooth polishing. I signed the waiver, and she then proceeded to polish my teeth for whole 1-2 minutes. NOT recommended.

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