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Dr. Paul Bozoian DDS - Dentist

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Eden Prairie, MN

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My wife has gone to Dr. Bozoian for many years and convinced me to start seeing him when my old dentist retired. I have been very pleased with his work, the friendliness of his staff and mainly the speed at which they get me in and out. Recently I had a crown put on. I was amazed at his high tech equipment that allows him to create the crown right in his facility, while you are there! Normally, crowns are at least a 2-3 visit ordeal -- getting the tooth ground down, putting in the temporary, waiting for the full crown, going back to the dentist for a fitting and hoping it works. Dr. Bozoian spent appx. 1/2 hour on my tooth, then said "Your crown will be ready in 12 minutes!". I was shocked, but sure enough -- 12 minutes later he had my beautiful white crown and it fit perfectly! The total procedure took less than one hour. I went in at 10am and was out the door before 11! No temporary needed. Very impressive.
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