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Dr. Tripti Meysman DDS - Dentist

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Minneapolis, MN

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I found Dr. Meysman in an emergency (I had seriously chipped a tooth) and hers was the first office I could get in who was also nearby. Her office is in the Medical Arts Building on Nicolette Mall, convenient for downtowners, but the office is older. I was extremely nervous when I first started, and we tried Nitrous to calm me, but it didn't work. The staff allowed me to wear my iPod, but beyond that they don't really specialize in "stress free" or "no pain" dentistry... they're just nice. Dr. Meysman's staff is very helpful and interested in you (especially the dental hygenist), and prices seam reasonable (although I've not had a lot of time to comparison shop). Because of my less-than-stellar dental history, I am on a 3 month schedule for cleanings, but it's probably worth it. I received at-home whitening treatment that I was fairly pleased with. We've talked about veneers, but I can't quite make the jump yet (I think I would shop around). I would recommend her and her staff to anyone looking for a good downtown dentist.

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