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July 25th 2011 changed my life, physically and psychologically! I walked into a very calming, welcoming office, Greeted by a soft spoken women, that called me by name. Steep contrast from “I’ll tell them you’re here, HAVE A SEAT!" Holding back tears of embarrassment, covering my mouth as I spoke I thanked her and took a seat. And so it began, I was escorted to an exam room by Suzy; it took about 15 sec to know I was where I needed to be. Both Dr's had already reviewed my file with compassion and confidence; I was assured that they could repair the damage done to my obviously missing smile. I talked with them through tears. They got it..I was not a weak, whining pt; I am an outgoing, Health Care worker, Public Speaker, Wife, Mom. They promised me that the work at hand would be long, done in steps and I would regain my confidence, and more over my ability to eat normal foods. This meant I had to trust them. Hard to do after what I had been through. Within 8 months my smile was back, no longer hanging my head or covering my mouth to speak. I could not quit smiling, or enjoying fresh veggies. Physically my diet was restored, Psychologically .I smile endlesslyand cannot thank the entire "Gordon Family" enough for changing my life!

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