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Dr. Shannon Moran DDS - Dentist

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Charlotte, NC

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First dentist I came to in Charlotte and never left! Same staff..can your doc or dentist say that? That speaks volumes right there. Happy staff=happy patients! Excellent quality work. Have had crowns, fillings and cleanings. Dr Moran is meticulous amd efficient. I have a strong gag reflex that other dentists ALWAYS triggered in touching my back teeth. They, staff included, do not. Dr Moran's skill in restoring your 'bite' after any repair is impeccable. I've been to about 6-7 dentists in my 40 years and nobody can compare. Insurance billing was a breeze and when I didn't have insurance, the prices frankly were well in line. Other dentists would charge mote and the mall chain dentists would do sub standard repairs for not much less and more visits. Dr Moran truly puts the patient first in terms of comfort level and treatment plan. No nerve pain from poorly placed numbing shot, no mouth fatigue, no gagging on your own spit or the suction device, no bad taste of anything because they are precise at NOT doing those things I encountered with other offices.

I know this doctor: 6 years

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