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Dr. Jeffrey Angart DDS - Dentist

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(614) 775-0840

240 B Market Street

New Albany, OH 43054

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I have very mixed feelings about Dr. Angart. I am a former patient of his and now see the dentist to whom he sold his Capitol Square Dental practice, Dr. Seyed Mirfendereski (to whom I have given a favorable review). Dr. Angart is an excellent cosmetic dentist, and he did a couple of beautiful porcelain laminates on my front two incisors. However, I don't think he liked me, and as such, he always did his work on me in a very hurried and haphazard fashion. When I chipped a laminate (my fault) and paid him full price to replace it, he did not take the time to fit it well. The laminate fell off not long after it was attached, and he was unwilling to reattach it without my paying him full price again. Fortunately Dr. Mirfendereski took responsibility for Dr. Angart's defective work and reattached the laminate, which is holding just fine. Overall, Dr. Angart seems to be in it for the money, honey. Dr. Mirfendereski seems to care about his patients' well being.
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