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Dr. Stephen Cooke DDS - Dentist

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Westlake, OH

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After a LONG time away from the dentist due to my previous experiences, I decided to get back on track. I was strongly encouraged by my family to try Dr. Cooke. Words can't express the quality of his work, his kind and gentle chairside manner, and the competency of his very friendly staff. From reception to the assistants to the hygienist to Dr. Cooke, himself, my office visits have been nothing short of incredible. Everyone is extremely knowledgeable, caring, non-judgmental, and will tell you what they're doing every step of the way, while taking every precaution to ensure there is no pain; he seems to have the highest standards when staffing his practice. Dr. Cooke may be a touch more expensive, but there's a very good reason for that and they'll work with you to get a payment plan that you can afford. I'm excited to be healthy, back on track, and no longer apprehensive about the dentist. The facilities aren't like a health spa, nor are they meant to be. I think Dr. Cooke tried to make his office feel more like home and more familiar, and it really works. The 'health spa' motif can sometimes feel contrived and end up being just as clinical as a stark white office. I rate his facility with a full four stars.

About Hygienist: Joan is not a small part of what made my experiences so wonderful. Though I have only had one hygienist appointment, there is no question that her work is heads-and-tails beyond what I expected. She was friendly, funny, personable, caring, and careful. It had been so long since my teeth felt that clean (even when I was going to the dentist regularly) I could have hugged her.

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