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Dr. Douglas Buckley DDS - Dentist

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today I just slept thru my root canal (well, almost slept - I had to keep my mouth open). 'novacane' took effect in about 5 minutes. the whole thing was done in 50 minutes. this guy is a totally 'old school' rock-solid competent honest guy, but he has all the most modern stuff (digi-X-ray, fiber optic cam, etc.). i also like the fact he doesnt try to hard sell ya on junk you dont need, like cosmetic dentristry, flouride, etc), just mentions a couple of suggestions, that's it. i'm actually thinking of having him do some cosmetic work done on my jagged front teeth. my root canal was a nice break from work. i wish i could do more of them ;o) the chair I was in had a view out the window overlooking a lake. this sounds silly, but it was a nice touch. was referred by a friend/co-worker. cant say enough good things.

About Hygienist: (assistant) She was new, and good, but I think she was nervous. She squirted water in my eye with some squirt-gun hose doo-hickey thing by accident. it was totally funny. it was the most challenging part of the whole experience.

I know this doctor: 7,0,0

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