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Dr. John Bracken DDS - Dentist

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Phoenix, AZ

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I have known Dr Bracken for 21 years. I was petrified of dentists and with his help was able to have major dental work done. He is patient, understanding, and will do whatever necessary to make the experience as painless and comfortable as possible. He can give a shot WITHOUT PAIN!! I know....hard to believe but he could teach the technique! His staff has been with him for as long as I can remember because he is such a good man to work for. And everyone in the office is willing to help make everything go well. From welcoming you in the door, annual exams and cleanings, to taking care of insurance claims. His office is comfortable, warm and welcoming. He did my bridges 21 years ago and they work just fine still. I have some issues that make it so I cannot have a "Hollywood smile" unless the rest of my teeth are removed and I find that foolish. I would rather keep as many of my real teeth as possible. In fact my concern is when he does retire, who will take care of me....after all, it is all about me! summary, I cannot say enough good about this man. I highly recommend him!
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