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Dr. Drew Shulman DDS - Dentist

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Philadelphia, PA

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Dr. Shulman's office staff is very professional. Office isnkept immaculately clean and a good fa!ily setting. Very relaxing. I had my top teeth destroyed by poor care n medications as a kid. I hadn't smiled in 4ywars due to the embarrassment. Soni went to Dr Shulman and he played out a game plan to extract my problem teeth and replace with full upper denture. I was in a dark place miserable all the time. And after the Doc finished with me. I'm the happiest I've been in years. Can eatnow so gaining the weight I lost from poor dietnduento pin while chewing. Without my dentalnsavior Dr Shulman I would still be miserable. But since it's finished I smile everywhere I go proudly. Thank you Doc and Staff you've given me my life back'll never know how much it means. The pain was very low and then work looks phenomenal. Words can never explain.

About Front Desk: Front desk staff is so professional, very courteous and do everything they can to make u comfortable and work with your schedule for work. Every staff member ofndoc Shulman's practice will be my only dentist asnling asnim around and his practice is around. They are WONDERFULNPEOPLE. THENLADIES AREN!Y DENTAL AMGELS AND IMLOVE THRM ALL.

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Duration: Over a period of 3weeks with extraction fitting and finalization of procedure.

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