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Dr. Paul Hess DDS - Dentist

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Pittsburgh, PA

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Excellent practice, fantastic staff. Dr. Hess enjoys talking to patients. If he doesn't have a back log, he may talk with you for 15 minutes. If he is really busy, then you may only get dr/patient conversation. I have a tooth that was damaged by another dentist. A second dentist wanted to do a root canal. Dr. Hess spent 30 minutes working on the tooth. that was 4 years ago and the tooth is doing great and there was no root canal done, just a time consuming filling. Two other dentist would have done an expensive root canal the eventually would have cause me to loose the tooth. He has old school methods using the latest technology.

About Hygienist: excellent. I hate to floss and they have to spend extra time on me. They never make me feel bad about how I care for my teeth. The do always advise on how proper care is needed for long term dental health.

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