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I'm extremely pleased with the cosmetic veneers that Dr Douglas Pulsipher recently placed for me. I now love the cosmetics and overall appearance and of my teeth. I find myself smiling more & feeling more confident about my teeth and appearance. I originally saw Dr. Douglas Pulsipher because of my family trait where my two lateral incisors never developed. As a teen I had braces and the orthodontist moved my cuspids forward but there were still spaces present and many teeth still didn't look like the teeth that should have been in their naturally occurring positions (as if I had developed all my normal teeth). Also, my original teeth were short and not as white as I would have liked them. Dr Doug Pulsipher did an excellent job communicating with me. Before any treatment we discussed my options and the advantages and disadvantages of each choice. Dr Pulsipher conservatively sculpted the gum tissue & added a little to the length with the veneers to give the overall appearance of full length teeth instead of the short ones that I had. He also closed the spaces between the teeth and gave them a natural looking, brighter and whiter appearance. Also, he made the thicker cuspids appear thinner and like the smaller incisor that I should have formed but didn't. I thought Dr Pulsipher and his staff were thorough, professional and caring. Dr Pulsipher personally, even made multiple follow up calls after regular business hours to make sure I was comfortable and doing well at every phase of treatment. I have had him do other cosmetic fillings that I am also very pleased with. Without reservation I recommend Dr. Douglas Pulsipher and his staff to anybody looking for a caring, quality oriented dentist.

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