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I am incredibly disappointed in this office in general. I called in and made a same day appt because my TMJ was getting bad and my jaw pain was unbearable. The lady made an appt for me and I went. I got there and they made me fill out forms which took like half an hour. Then after I turned the forms back in, the receptionist told me that they don't accept my insurance and it will be $305 out of pocket today. I told her that I am just a student and nobody told me over the phone that my insurance wasn't accepted, so I just wasted my time by coming here. I was literally in tears because of my pain, but obviously getting their money was more important to them. She told me I could go to the ER but the doctor would not see me unless I paid that $305. The fact that this doctor made rules like that and the fact that the receptionist behaved that way made me livid. I am SHOCKED at the fact that a doctor can turn away someone who was in pain and needed him to just check it out. I am disgusted by this behavior, and I will make sure everyone I know knows about my experience there and to never go to such a selfish environment. I am disgusted and appalled by such people.

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