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Has rude staff enforcing horrible policies. Talk trash about their patients, have no billing operation and demand payment right away, threatening to call the police if I left to the bank. Had to get a third party to transfer my funds. Embarrassing and stupidly ridiculous. Don’t waste your time, does not want to be in business

About Front Desk: Absolutely unprofessional. Does not wear clothes that fit appropriately, gossiping about patients, act aggressive toward patients, had poor interactions every time I go. It seems they don’t want patients

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About Hygienist: Hygienist is a self absorbed princess, brings unnecessary drama when talking to clients,

I know this doctor: 1 year

Dr. Dixon on 03 February 2022 3:08 p.m.
Hearing of this encounter has rattled us because our patients simply do not have such interactions as this, nor have we ever treated anyone in this manner. We feel awful that you feel embarrassed over financial requests. Our team is in this industry because we care and want to help people both clinically and financially. I assure you there is no one on our team that “trash talks patients, are self-absorbed, or demanding of payments.” We absolutely love our patients and having a dental office for over 60 years, spanning through multiple generations can attest to that. Threatening to call the police is simply something we have never, nor ever would do. Our policy of payment due at time of service helps cut down on the high cost of billing, as is such with many family practices. If a patient expresses the need for payment arrangements at the time we present copays, we most certainly offer this through Care Credit. Had this been expressed we would have most certainly obliged, however, it was only communicated on treatment day that funds “just needed to be moved around.” Again, it is upsetting to us that your experience was so misunderstood, as we strive for excellence in patient care. We do hope you find a practice that fits your needs even if it is not us.
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