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Hey y'all. I'm coming to terms with this dentist over my wish for implants. I can't believe anyone could leave his care in tears! Sure, I was a little ruffled once when my appointment was set aside to accommodate an emergency appointment. (Instead of receiving my impressions, I am handed a service agreement to look over and sign--byebye.) But know that he's a serious contender among dentists and runs a very tight ship with his staff. Just listen to him direct them! Tears? Perhaps I was misty eyed when he made a time out to show me on his laptop computer how my (missing) teeth would be replaced in an implant procedure. My wife, a beyond caucasian kinda gal, agrees that Dr. Schop is a "thinker" by comparison with those typically cold medical practitioners. Now I don't know if he'll come through with a lowest bid for my project--I'm still sniffing round--but his advice remains impeccable. I am convinced--no middle name pun intended--that if you hire him, you will get nothing but caring service and he'll be fair and square. Will he check you out and speak his mind? Of course. This is where the crier may have expected pampering instead of honesty. You go and decide for yourself. He's a keeper! I say trust your own judgment.
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