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Dr. Debra Cederbaum DDS - Dentist

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Seattle, WA

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Dr Cederbaum does excellent work. Dentists can often, even unconsciously, do more work on your teeth than you need. Dr. Cederbaum has alway been conservative and only does the work necessary for oral health. I live in Everett, but I drive to her office as she is the only dentist I trust after 40+ years of dealing with dentists. I once, (four or five years ago) tried to change to a more local dentist. I had a tooth that was starting to abcess. he told me I need to have the tooth removed and have an implant put it. This would have been a two year process and very expensive. I would also lose my tooth. He told me to not to try a root canal as it would fail. I was concerned and went back to dr cederbaum for a second opinion. She told me the tooth could probably be saved. She performed the root canal and crowned the tooth. It has been fine ever since. She essentially saved one of my major molars. Teeth are something we all take for granted until they are gone or we are in bad pain. Dr Cedebaum has always ensured my teeth remain in great health. I would recomend her to anyone..

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