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I had been a patient of Dr. Friedrich for several years. I had fillings, root canals, and was ready to move forward with cosmetic work. I had a second opinion when the Dr. recommended a surgical procedure on my gums. I learned that the cosmetic work Dr. Friedrich had planned to do was set up for faliure do to the lack of natural tooth. I had brought this up several times over the past few years and each time he assured me it wouldnt be an issue. I called him and confronted him about the opinion and he told me that he completely agreed and that he never said otherwise - I must have been confused. Unfortunately, I wasn't confused at all - infact just days earlier he had built a model of my mouth showing what he was planning to do. I was very upset at his lack of honesty and probably would have continued with him had he admitted he had made an error. I found a new dentist, thanks to this site, and also learned that a root canal Dr. Friedrich did was 3 millimeters too short and will probably need to be redone. This was very disappointing and upseting given the expense of a root canal. I always like Dr. Friedrich and I do think he is a good person but can not in good faith give a recommendation.
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