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Dr. Donald Jayne DDS - Dentist

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Seattle, WA

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I have had x-rays, teeth cleaned, multiple cavities filled, and general overall teeth check-ups. Dr. Jayne and his staff are the absolute best in the business. I had overwhleming fear and trepidation about dentists until I met Dr. Jayne. He is so kind, calm, caring and I feel genuinely feel spoiled by the attention and tenderness he and his staff give to me and all the patients. He helped me develop a plan for my teeth so that in two more years, I will have the perfect smile I have always dreamed of. I tell every single person I meet that they must meet my dentist!

About Hygienist: My hygienst is equally as wonderful as Dr. Jayne. I actually look forward to having my teeth cleaned!!! The entire process is pain-free and she never makes me feel bad when I admit my flossing is not as frequent as it should be.

I know this doctor: 2 years

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