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franklin, WI

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I actually never met Robert Schweitzer, I had my work done by Charles C. Anderson D.D.S The other dentist here that will eventually be taking over the practice. I hadn't seen a dentist for over 10 years before comming here because of horrible past experience. My first visit was just a cleaning by one of the assistants. no complaints, she explained to me I had gingivitis from not flossing enough and 10 cavities. She was very carefull not to hit my gums while cleaning and not once did anyone lecture me about my lack of oral hygine or excessive soda drinking. My second visit Dr. Anderson pulled two wisdom teeth and filled 6 cavities in about 45min (it seemed very quick). One cavity was below the gum line and he used a laser to burn part of the gum away... completely painless (smelt like wet dog though). I'm also very difficult to numb with novacain (or whatever they use), Dr. Anderson was very patient with me and sprayed my teeth to see if I felt the cold, when I told him I did he shot me up some more and waited, then checked again before he did any work. Dr. Anderson's personality was more professional and took a few visits before he warmed up to me but I was never uncomfortable and all-in-all have no complaints.

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