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Dr. Keith Ziolkowski DDS - Dentist

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Milwaukee, WI

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I made appointments with Dr. Ziolkowski for both my husband and myself based on his reputation and the proximity of his office to our residence. One might have been able to overlook the disorganization of his office manager and non-stop and inappropriate chatter of his assistant if he had come across as being a really great dentist. Sadly, he seemingly refused to pay attention to anything my husband or I told him at our two separate appointments. He literally wanted to avoid doing a diagnostic exam in order to establish his own baseline for treatment. Consequently, we transferred (with some push back) our records to a DDS that we have a tremendous amount of confidence in. Upon telling our new DDS our experience, he indicated that this was not the first time he had heard stories such as ours.

About Front Desk: The office manager is certainly personable, but seems to be stretched too thin in her responsibilities. Consequently, nothing seems to be done well.

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About Hygienist: The hygienist is absolutely full of incessant chatter and touches (not inappropriately) you while your in the exam chair. I'm not a touchy person, so this became increasingly unwelcome.

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