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Dr. Edward Boos DDS - Oral Surgeon

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Terrible experience! I went in to receive help diagnosing my jaw pain, neck pain, head pain, limited jaw opening, and vertigo. After receiving MRI, Dr. Boos did not believe I had a joint problem and did not tell me everything. He said, "even though I can't see the miniscus at all in the MRI, it is probably in there somewhere". Really?! He refused my treatment. I ended up pulling the results myself from the MRI center. Turns out I had very large bone spurs on my joint, osteoarthritis, and possible joint/meniscus dislocation according to the radiologist's record. I got the MRI reevaluated in Austin. The doctors in Austin told me I had a severe case and could see the tissue damage, flattened condyle , no presence of miniscus, and bone spurs on the MRI. After open joint surgery on both sides, turns out my miniscus was completely displaced and smashed up in the front of my condyle. I had a lot of tissue damage, completely displaced joints, and bone spurs that had to be removed. The doctors in Austin were glad they performed surgery (once in surgery, they realized it was an even more severe case). I have been feeling much better as a result from surgery. I am VERY upset that Dr. Boos wasted my time and was NOT truthful to me.
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