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The dentist at this practice apply their craft professionally and with skill; however, the billing personnell is lacking in communicating what aspects of your treatment will be covered by insurance and what aspect will be out-of-pocket. I was given two options of anesthesia to have my Wisdom Teeth extracted. One, Twilight (which consisted of a Pre-Med liquid and Nitrous Oxide); or, two, General Anesthesia. I elected Twilight based on the Doctor's reccommendation. The problem was that no one ever explained, not the doctor or the Medical Biller, that the $185 Pre-Med would not be covered by my insurance. I thought that it would have been and would not have elected to pay $185 for a literal sip of anesthsia normally given to children under the age of 12 to eleviate anixety. When I got the Explanation of Benefits from my insurance company, I felt duped that no one informed me that the Pre-Med would be denied coverage when everyone at the practice knew that it would be.... So my gripe with Dr. Schwartz's Practice is they assume that patients understand the nuances Medical Billing as well as they do.

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