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Dr. Russel Bleiler DDS - Oral Surgeon

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My referring dentist thought it was emergent. My jawbone is actually sticking out of my gums under the implant. My referring dentist sent all the current info, but Bleiler's office claimed they never got it. He also called. No one remembered. I had my x-rays done immediately. The assistant was not at all gentle , hurting my mouth, not once but twice as the first x-ray didn't come out. She then did a comprehensive X-RAY that sounded like a cat scan of my entire mouth even though it is only this one tiny little area that has some major problems. She barked orders rather than asking like sit straight , do this, do that. She then asked me why I was there. Really? I was sent back to the waiting room, where I waited for 2 hours before someone finally came out and got me. There was no one in reception area and the door to the treatment area was locked. It is now 6:00 PM. Assistant comes in and lightly apologizes and looks at what I filled out online. The doctor comes in, looks at x-rays and then asked why I am there. Again? I explain about the flap treatment, the poor healing, the infections, the bone exposure. He admits he doesn't know what to do. He said he'll ask around and for me to call in September He said he is going to call my referring Dentist (at 6:15?). He never came back. Technician dismissed me saying for me to call in September. That is the last thing my referring dr wants to do is just wait. That is what we've been doing and more bone loss was noted and now the bone is protruding out. Does waiting sound right to anyone but Dr. Bleiler? I called today and said I am not comfortable waiting until September to "maybe" do something about my problem implant, she cut me off saying hold on while she gets my chart. After about 5 minutes there was a click and a dial tone. Why am I not surprised. Addendum. As I was unable to get in touch with Dr. Bleiler and office, a few days later I went to a another oral surgeon in the area for a 2nd consult. Their front office tried to contact Dr. Bleiler's office 2X while I was there and the call went directly to voicemail. They did not call back. How unprofessional!

About Front Desk: They were all terrible. My implant specialist sent x-rays and tried to call twice. They claimed they didn't receive them, didn't know anything about calls. There was no one by the front desk for the majority of the 2+ hours I waited. A few days later , I went to get another consult from a different doctor. Besides the ones that were sent from my doctor, he wanted panoramic. I said Bleiler's office took them, but I was unable to get through. They tried twice on a doctor's line and it went straight to voicemail. Never did call back.

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