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Review 1 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
Dr. Pylant did extraordinarily work on my implant. Everything was done perfectly on the first try. His 'temporary' work was even perfect, no corners were cut. He explained every step, and made me feel like family. His wife, Dr. Peggy, helped with most procedures, and is extremely knowledgable and friendly. The overall office environment is so pleasant, that I actually looked forward to my visits, and felt slightly sad when my final visit was concluded.

About Front Desk: Rita is unbelievably pleasant and knowledgeable, and very helpful with insurance claims.

Front desk:

My Experience: Dental Implants

Duration: 8 months

I know this doctor: 9 months.

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Review 2 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
I am extremely impressed with both he and his staff. His work speaks for itself and the customer service approach his staff provides is beyond most physician's reach. I would recommend this periodontist to anyone. When I had to have bone graphs performed in order to save a tooth (or two), not one physician felt it was feasible due to the extent of bone loss sustained from a continued infection. Dr. Pylant, even against all odds, took a chance and thus far, the stability of the tooth has been maintained and the surgery has been successful. By all means I have continued to follow his plan and regime and take much better care of my teeth than I ever have before. Sincerely, Norma Essary
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Review 3 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
Dr. Pylant is a wonderful caring person. Also, his Administrative Assistant, Rita, and all the other Nurses and assistants are great. Everyone made me feel very reassured. I had a gum graft. I highly recommend doing the I-V anesthetic procedure. It's kind of like an agent that causes loss of sensation with or without the loss of consciousness. I didn't feel a thing! In fact I didn't believe him when he said he was done. :) By the way, I just had this done this morning. He did a fantastic job. My lower gum looks better than it has in years. I should have had this done back when I was a teenager. As far as the cost, I have insurance so the cost was somewhat more reasonable but I think he gives a fair price anyway. Never let the cost get in the way of keeping your own teeth. It's worth it! Anyway, I highly recommend Dr. Pylant! He's had many years of experience and can show you some of the work he's done and answer any questions you have. He's great! If you need someone to help you save your teeth, he's the one.
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