Best Dentist TX

Dr. Melicia Tjoa DDS - Dentist

150 reviews Rating

Houston, TX 713-660-0966 Call

"Dr. Tjoa, Cherry, and staff have been exceptional in taking care of my dental needs for over 10 years. They are incredibly attentive, responsive, and competent in their patient care. Whether it was helping me navigate an emergency root canal or fitting me with an effective dental device to free me from serious jaw/tooth pain, they have always been there ..."

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Dr. Timothy Huckabee DDS - Dentist

48 reviews Rating

Southlake, TX 817-329-4746 Call

"Went to the office yesterday for 2 crowns that had fallen out. One was placed 6 years ago and the other was redone 3 times within the last 6 years. This has become a pattern now, the crown brakes or falls off and they have to be redone. Problem now, because of the shotty crown jobs, he now recommends I ..."

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Dr. Steve Koo DDS - Oral Surgeon

34 reviews Rating

Houston, TX 7137835560 Call

"Great dental clinic and pain free treatment."

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Dr. Mark Venincasa DDS - Dentist

29 reviews Rating

Dallas, TX 972-250-2580 Call

"I had an appointment with Dr. V this morning to have my perminate crown put in. As always the Doctor is on time and so pleasant. Dr. V and the entire staff treat you like you are a member of a private club. I am so grateful as to how gentle Dr.V is with me. I am very sensitive and ..."

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Dr. James Widner DDS - Oral Surgeon

23 reviews Rating

Austin, TX 512-452-3223 Call

"If you can have a great experience having oral surgery, you will with Dr. Widner. From his bedside manner to his entire office staff, I felt warmth and compassion. If you want a pain-free surgery, including the IV stick, and the work of a professional who is very knowledgeable in his field, then Dr. Widner is the right choice for ..."

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Dr. Scott Young DDS - Dentist

14 reviews Rating

The Woodlands, TX (281) 367-2583 Call

"Teeth cleaning for periodontal disease . Dr. Young has excellent chair side manner. Natalie is lovely and professional."

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Dr. Aurora Sordelli DDS - Orthodontist

8 reviews Rating

Houston, TX 281-759-2929 Call

"Dr. Sordelli did perform Orthodontic treatment to my teenager son and the result was so outstanding that motivated me to follow the same procedure to my 50+ years old teeth. After 8 months into my treatment and despite typical pain, my teeth are straight and my bite has been resetting accordingly. The best of all is that Dr. Sordelli and ..."

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Dr. Kurt Calender DMD - Dentist

33 reviews Rating

Southlake, TX

"Dr. Calender and staff are super personable and caring. He pays attention to details and gets done what needs to be done efficiently without excessive appointments. He will even go back over something until it feels "just right" for you!"

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Dr. Maria Green DDS - Pediatric Dentist

27 reviews Rating

Houston, TX

"I really didn't have a choice when my daughter's insurance changed to take her to a descent dentist - I don't think the hygenist there thinks that the children are not listening to their negative comments about their teeth but ..."

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Dr. Carl Pittman DDS - Pediatric Dentist

26 reviews Rating

Spring, TX

"I was very impressed with this physician. He really takes his time during your visit and that is rare to find now-and-day."

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