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Review 1 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
Dr. Greenhalgh has been my dentist for nearly 30 years. I and my family have received nothing but exceptional service from him. He truly is THE BEST! And not only is he a great dentist, his office staff is also outstanding. I recently needed an emergency tooth extraction. The professional staff took immediate steps to find an oral surgeon for me and made sure all the details were covered. Dr, Greenhalgh and his team are superb!

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I know this doctor: 30 years

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Review 2 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
Overall, my experience at Dr. Grennhalgh's was great! I have been getting cold sores frequently and they came up as a practice that does laser therapy. I called yesterday morning and they got me in the same day. The experience was painless, quick and I felt better as soon as I left. Everyone was extremely welcoming and I did not feel like my last minute appointment inconvenienced anyone. Definitely would recommend this practice to anyone else experiencing chronic cold sores!

About Front Desk: Everyone up front was so nice! They scheduled me right away, gave me directions and made a great first impression. From start to finish, my experience at Dr. Grennhalh's was a great one.

I know this doctor: 1 day

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Review 3 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
Dr.Greenhalgh and his staff Provided me with the most Comfortable Dental Repair in my Life. I had Terrible experiences in the past with Dentists and Orthodontists that had me Terrified of Dentist. He helped reestablish trust that it doesn't have to be torture. He helped save a Molar that was almost beyond saving. Along with his assistant Elizabeth they made it Easy. From the start with the Consultation they got me through it with direct answers to my Q's, Putting on Sportcenter on the TV, and Drowning out the noise of the drill with Bose Headsets (as much it could be done) I felt NO PAIn through the 2 !/2 hr procedure. I don't normally do reviews but I know quite a few people Hate going to the Dentists and I wont hesitate going back to him!

About Front Desk: Very Informative and friendly!

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About Hygienist: Everything was TOP Notch!

I know this doctor: 1 day

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Review 4 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
Went there about a year and a half ago to treat a cold sore on my lower lip. The procedure was painless and quick. I was amazed at how fast it healed. Because I went in right away, it didn't even blister or rupture. The spot was a little dark for a couple of days. 3 days and gone! I just went back again today for another treatment. It has been my first cold sore since my last visit about 17-18 months ago. Laser procedure on the cold sore works!! If you get cold sores, you really have to try it. Dr. Greenhalgh and his staff made me feel at ease.

I know this doctor: 1.5 years

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Review 5 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
Dr. Greenhalgh has saved the life of my teeth! Prior to meeting Dr. Greenhalgh I had not seen a dentist in a long time. Growing up I had terrible experiences with trips to the dentist because of the way I was treated, anxiety, gag reflex, pain, etc. Dr. Greenhalgh and the people that work with him did exactly what had to be done to relieve my anxiety about having root scaling/planing, four crowns, eight fillings and a cleaning done. Then he and his staff exceeded my expectations while completing the work! I could go on and on about how nice the office is, the big windows were great, about the more than helpful and comforting attitude of everyone there, but I would like to emphasize that the most important thing about Dr. Greenhalgh to me was that he allowed me to look forward to visiting the dentist again. I’m 37 and after most, if not all of my prior visits to dentist ending in anxiety attacks and cold sweats and walking out of the office feeling like I had just been experimented on by a mad scientist, I am so happy to say that Dr. Greenhalgh has made me look forward to the next time I get to visit with him and the wonderful people that work with him!

About Hygienist: Dr. Greenhalgh’s hygienists are like all his staff and are very professional, yet very down to earth and a pleasure to be around. I know it sounds funny but the hygienist was such a pleasure to be around that even though I was having my roots planed and scaled I almost looked forward to my next trip to the office where I would have my teeth ground on to fit crowns. I did say almost, but when it comes to anxiety about going to the dentist, that is a huge improvement for me and after a few more visits with Dr. Greenhalgh and the hygienist I can say that I do look forward to my next visit at Dr. Greenhalgh’s

I know this doctor: 6 Months

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Review 6 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
Dr. Greenhalgh came highly recommended by a friend. My daughter got her braces off and we needed to build up 2 teeth with veneers. We didn't really know what to except but Dr. Greenhalgh took the time to explain what he was going to do and how long it would take. He matched her teeth and made them look so natural. The office staff was the best. I would go back to Dr. Greenhalgh any time and recommend him to anybody.

I know this doctor: 3 years

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Review 7 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
I have broken my canine tooth and was very embarrassed about my smile, my talking, and my overall self esteem was shot! I have not been to a dentist in years due to my last horrific experiece of getting a deep cleaning. I called the office and spoke with Momi, who was very patient and took the time to answer my questions on the phone! When I arrived at Dr. Greenhalgh's office I had the great experience of meeting and talking to Elizabeth, the Dental Asst. Elizabeth was by far the best I have ever came across in the Dental profession! I then got to meet Dr. Greenhalgh, who took the time to listen to all of my questions, and all of my expectations! I had alot of issues I wanted done with my teeth to make me feel good about myself again. I then scheduled a deep cleening with Asia, who gave the best numbing shots I have ever received in a dentist's office. The last deep cleaning adventure at my last dentist, it took me over a week for the pain to go away and the infection! When Asia performed the deep cleaning on my teeth, I was back to normal that same day! I finally was ready for my crown to be put in, I was so excited and the total procedure exceeded all my expectations!!! The billing process went smooth as well thanks to Rana!

I know this doctor: 5 months

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Review 8 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
I had not seen a dentist in over 8 years when I first went to see Dr Greenhalgh. I was very worried I would need serious and very expensive work done. My past experiences with cut rate dental chains had made me very leary of dentistry overall. I met with Dr G and he laid out a course of treatment to repair my damaged teeth and repair my gums over a period of time which would defray the costs and limit my discomfort. Within 8 months my gums are healthy and no longer bleed, all my metal fillings have been replaced, and a ceramic onlay has been placed on my most worn tooth. It was not near as bad as I feared. Dr G always made sure I was comfortable and the pain was minimized with every tool at his disposal. His staff, Mary Ann, Elizabeth, and Asia took extremely good care of me and worked well as a team with Dr G. I am so thouroughly pleased to have found a dentist who understands me and takes time to talk and explain. I will never put off seeing a dentist again, and I am a patient of Dr G for LIFE! I urge anyone who is afraid of dentists, give Dr G a try. You won't be disappointed, in fact you will be happy you did. Don't wait, Do it now!

I know this doctor: 7 months

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Review 9 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
My smile was ugly!I wouldn’t refer to it as a smile even.You think pleasant when you think smile & my teeth weren’t pleasant. Before I came to Dr.Greenhalgh my experience with dentists was bad overall.I wanted to fix my teeth for ages, but I couldn’t find someone I trusted to do it.I found Dr.Greenhalgh through a review like this.I was instantly impressed.Great care was taken to explain the procedure & there was no pressure to move forward one way or another. His staff was great and made sure I was comfortable. What’s important is the final result,though.I know your worries. If you’re trying to decide whether or not you should do this for it! You know it will make a difference,but it’s double what you’re expecting.If you're trying to decide who you can trust to do the work,look no further because the results I received from Dr.Greenhalgh are unbelievable.My smile looks amazing! It was worth every single penny and my only regret is not doing it sooner.So many people have commented that I look so happy now,but the truth is I always was but no one knew it because I didn’t smile.So,quit hiding from the camera, and covering your mouth when you laugh and call Dr. Greenhalgh to set up your consultation.You won’t regret it!

About Hygienist: Asia is great! She’s friendly and pleasant and takes great care to give me tips and make sure that I’m doing everything I can to improve my oral health.

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Review 10 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
Seems to know a lot more about preventative measures than typical - goes a long ways towards looking forward to get ahead of something before it gets worse or gets started. Really sharp knowledge on things I've never had anyone point out before. Not pushy either, lets you think about what you want to do. Very efficient and precise about what he does - really great job when done. Everybody in the office seems to be the best at what they do vs. anywhere else I visited.

About Hygienist: Most efficient I've ever run into - always does a great job, never has any oops moments and fun to talk to (or listen to if you can't talk).

I know this doctor: 18 months

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