Dr. Frederick Guerra DMD - Dentist

404 reviews Rating

Colorado Springs, CO (719)888-3512 Call

"Dr G is a great dentist. He is very gentle with the shots. I hardly felt a thing. His assistants are great!"

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Dr. Shauna Gilmore DDS - Dentist

163 reviews Rating

Englewood, CO 303-225-7575 Call

"Professional, quiet environment! Staff members are wonderful! Love the spa services! Excellent deep"

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Dr. Joshua Wyte DR - Dentist

72 reviews Rating

Denver, CO 303-753-9916 Call

"Dr. Wyte is very professional as well as his team of professionals. I have been a patient since 2011. He has referred me to other professionals in which I am very pleased with their dental services as well."

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Dr. Louisa Gallegos DDS - Prosthodontist

7 reviews Rating

Denver, CO (303) 316-4034 Call

"Great Prosthodontist! I am a general dentist who has shared many patients with Dr Gallegos over the last 20+ years.She consistently delivers excellent care to our mutual patients with a superior level of customer service. On a personal note, Dr Gallegos treated me for a complicated dental need. Now,I can vouch for her gentle touch and high-quality clinical treatment. She ..."

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Dr. Ted Mioduski DDS - Dentist

Loveland, CO (970) 663-1000 Call

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Dr. Andrew Miller DDS - Dentist

236 reviews Rating

Colorado Springs, CO

"Andrew Miller had me crying with pain and was completely oblivious to that fact. I had gone in to have an extraction. Told him I had been to the Dental school in Pueblo and asked what he thought of that ..."

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Dr. Terry Wostrel DDS - Dentist

58 reviews Rating

Littleton, CO

"I went in for a routine cleaning and was advised that I needed existing fillings in an upper and lower molar replaced. After replacement of the fillings, I began to have pain and sensitivity to cold in the upper molar. ..."

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Dr. John Matthews DDS - Dentist

17 reviews Rating

Colorado Springs, CO

"Dr. Matthews is easily the best dentist I have ever had. I don't mind going to the dentist anymore! He makes me feel comfortable and is always making sure that there is no pain or discomfort during my visit. I ..."

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Dr. Kendal Carlson DMD - Dentist

15 reviews Rating

Denver, CO

"It has been a real blessing being referred to Dr. Carlson a couple years ago. I have had a pretty challenged diagnosis of gum disease. Mr. Carlson practices with the most innovative approach in the gum arena as well as ..."

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Dr. Mark Levine DDS - Endodontist

12 reviews Rating

Denver, CO

"over a period of two years dr levine saved my life. he was kind, meticulous and always the most considerate professional. thank you dr levine"

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