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Review 1 by Stars: 1.0 on Link
There were 3 dentists in the office. The one I was assigned to just happened to be his last day. I got pawned off on a dentist who lost his own practice. And the other 2 Dentists left too. He had such good reviews too. It was terribly disappointing. But then I was referred to a Wonderful surgeon. When the dentures relined and ordered the bottoms. I never got those, but on the reline it didn’t t fit, they were forced in my mouth. All he could say was said the impression was perfect. I had to put up with that for 3 days still too small put them in again not so tight. When I called my insurance to see what can be done. I was referred to a wonderful prosthodontist Insurance has paid for the bottoms that I never got. According to my new dentist and surgeon The bite is all wrong and I can’t say more than a few words without gagging or chocking on them; and the bridge is wrong because of more dental work that’s needs to be done before the bridge was ordered! I am still getting bills. Watch out! Can you say Quack & fraud DON T LET THIS DENTIST PUT HIS HANDS IN YOUR MOUTH Insurance only pays once in 5 years, the next set is out of my pocket. The hygienists are rough too. They had a really good one but ran her off too! cost of replacing
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Review 2 by Stars: 2.5 on Link
his technology sounds great, but not functional. Took most of the day to recieve a crown, fit poorly. Gave him the opportunity to correct this, he believed it was fine. Ended up going to another dentist to totally replace the crown, which he agreed fit poorly. I ended up paying to replace crowns just recently done by dr vinings. I also teeth whitening done by dr vinings office, it is not fun, painful. I would have even been fine with the discomfort, but I saw no difference, again pain and money and time, no results. needless to say i will not return Dr vinings.

I know this doctor: several dentist visits, over 2 year

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Review 3 by Stars: 2.5 on Link
TMJ treatment was suggested and then administered. The follow up was non-existent and when I was supposedly done with the treatment they offered zero follow up or suggestions. The cost of this treatment was $4,000.00. Called about a painful tooth, they got me in that day and said I needed a full tooth overlay/cap which they make in their office (when paying for the pricey cap I also found out they where charging me an additional $60.00 for an emergency visit) I could have waited if they had told me that my dentist was going to charge extra-I was not in serious pain. The overlay/cap did not fit well and I went back for the pain which they filed around on the cap/overlay and said it would get better. It did not so I went to another dentist who sent me to an endodontist - only to find out that I needed a root canal. This should have been done first before anything else. I would not recommend Dr. Vinings to anyone - overpriced, does not care about the patient.

I know this doctor: 4 yrs.

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Review 4 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
The doctor and staff were top notch! I'm fearful of dentist but they eased that fear and made me feel like It was all about ME.

I know this doctor: 1 year

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Review 5 by Stars: 2.0 on Link
I wouldn't go to this office if I were you. Vinings said I needed a partial crown, then in preparing the tooth changed stories and said I needed a full crown $1200. A couple of office workers did a lot of the work, not the dentist himself. Then, I had to go back two other times to get it to feel OK. It was never quite right, and 2 years later it came off completely! There were black decay spots under where the crown had been. I had switched dentists and had my new dentist look at it. He said there was decay where the crown had been, meaning Vinings work had not been done right. He also said the tooth had been prepared in a sloppy way leaving too much space between the tooth and crown. I contacted Vinings office to see if I could get a refund. I asked to come in to talk to Vinings. When I arrived, only an office assistant talked to me, not the actual doctor. Plus, they were condescending. They refused any refund and basically said sometimes this kind of thing happens because it is not a perfect world. They offered to re-do it, but I don't want them anywhere near my teeth again. I totally DO NOT recommend.

About Hygienist: Hygenist was fine. Office feels snooty.

I know this doctor: 2 years

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Review 6 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
Dr. Vinings has a gentle and calming personality. I am impressed with how he stays up to date in his field. He really has a passion for what he does. He has to have the most high tech equipment that I have ever seen. It's good to know you are being treated with the best of resources available. You don't have to wait for your crown and come back again another time and that is great. HIs staff are good about "educating" you while they clean your teeth and they are helpful with questions. Dr. Vinings has high standards for quality in his own work, and of the staff and it shows. He suggests procedures or things to watch for but he doesn't press you to have it done if it's not absolutely necessary at the time and I appreciate that.

I know this doctor: years

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Review 7 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
Dr Vinings and his staff were very organized and thorough. They made me feel extremely comfortable... I was dealing with a TMD/TMJ problem after my wisdom teeth surgery...and still dealing with it. They were all very supportive and definitely have the best facilities for treatment. I was definitely impressed with their knowledge and state of the art equipment. Thank you DR VININGS and were all great. Thanks so much, Dustin Fitzner
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