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Review 1 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
My family and I have gone to Tate Family Dentistry for over 28 years now and so we have had just about everything done from braces, crowns, extractions, cosmetics, and even several weekend emergencies in which they were available to assist us with broken teeth and an abscess tooth. Helen can clean any stain off any tooth and is not afraid to tell you the truth about you dental health. Dr. Tyler is every bit the gentle professional his dad is and is up to date on all the latest treatments and procedures. I can not recommend them strongly enough.

About Front Desk: Always pleasant and professional.

Front desk:

Hygiene rating:

About Hygienist: If your teeth are extremely stained, they will get them clean. I take a Tylenol before I go in because they really get after a deep cleaning. You will be amazed at what those ladies can do.

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Great! on Aug. 31, 2017, 6:19 p.m. Link
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Review 2 by Stars: 2.0 on Link
I had trusted Dr Tate with my teeth for many years. Everytime I went there was something wrong with my teeth, I would get it fixed and it was an on-going process the whole time I went there. My teeth only got worse. They did 4 fillings and crowns recently and all had to be replaced and they where gonna make me pay for their mistake after I have already given them around 40K for dental work in my lifetime. He did not sit 1 crown all the way down on my tooth and there was a gap from my gum to the crown, he told me when I flossed there to pull the floss out instead of going back up like you normally would, he knew he messed up and would have to replace the crown because he didn't do it right. Then another tooth that should have been a root canal they just stuck a crown over it charged me 3000 grand, then a few months later my gum is swollen with infection above the tooth. I go in and they tell me they are going to have to cut my gums open drain the infection and I have to pay for this. This isn't even a quarter of the problems they have caused me. Tyler Tate does not have the experience to be charging the already overpriced, prices. this isn't even a quarter of the pain and debt they have put me in. all they care about is money.

Front desk:

Hygiene rating:

I know this doctor: 22 years

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Review 3 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
I had not been to the dentist in many years prior to my first visit to Dr. Tate over a year ago. My teeth, although they were cavity free, needed A LOT of work to get back to clean. I expected to get a bit of a lecture, but everyone in the office was kind, understanding and willing to do the extra work that my laziness and fear of dentists had caused. Even though they were scraping and grinding like crazy I was never in any real pain and they went out of their way to explain everything they were doing, why they were doing it and to tell me exactly how to avoid having to go there again in the future (and so far they have been on the mark!) Everyone who works for and with Dr. Tate is extremely nice, they seem to have good equipment and I have never spent more than five minutes in the waiting room. Dr. Tate himself is also friendly and laid back, but seems very knowledgeable. I would (and have) recommended Dr. Tate to friends and family.

I know this doctor: 18 months

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Review 4 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
I have had great appointments with Dr. Tate. He is very gentle and I was completely satisfied with the work he performed. I had braces for 9 months, and I wear my retainer each night to maintain my straight teeth. I would definitely recommend Dr. Tate and his office staff if you are looking for a great dentist.
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