Pediatric Dentist South Bay Area CA Rankings and Reviews

Dr. Randy Ligh DDS - Pediatric Dentist

12 reviews Rating

San Jose, CA

"great dentist and very professional nice clean office and good location"

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Dr. Brian Quo DDS, MS - Pediatric Dentist

9 reviews Rating

Palo Alto, CA

"Recently relocated to Southern Cal & now must find a new dentist for my 5 year old. Dr. Quo is extremely difficult to replace as he has the most infectious smile & his staff made my son completely relaxed & ..."

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Dr. Adolfo Barrera DDS - Pediatric Dentist

11 reviews Rating

Campbell, CA

"I am kinda upset.the filling came out after a month he blamed it on my son moving."

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Dr. Charles Spitz DDS - Pediatric Dentist

15 reviews Rating

San Mateo, CA

"My daughter just returned from her first visit with Dr. Spitz. She *loved* it! I was a bit worried before the visit as I was told they would be doing full xrays. Uh oh. My kid has such a strong ..."

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Dr. James Kelly DDS - Pediatric Dentist

14 reviews Rating

Los Altos, CA

"Dr Kelly is a very consistent, competent, and kind dentist. Highly recommend."

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Dr. Philip Wolkstein DDS - Pediatric Dentist

10 reviews Rating

San Jose, CA

"We will not visit this office again. At our appointment today,Dr. Philip chastised me for comforting my 4 year old son when he cried. My son said that the x-ray thing poked his mouth and hurt him. When the proceedings ..."

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Dr. Mark Dal Porto DDS - Pediatric Dentist

7 reviews Rating

Sunnyvale, CA

"He has been my dentist since I first got my teeth cleaned. I always looked forward to getting my teeth cleaned. I loved how friendly and stress free the entire experience was."

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Dr. Gregory Wolkstein DDS - Pediatric Dentist

5 reviews Rating

San Jose, CA

"My daughter was petrified of the dentist. We had bad experience with a previously recommended pediatric dentist. She immediatly loved Dr. Greg (Wolkstein). He's fantastic with the kids. Now she looks forward to going to the dentist and reminds me ..."

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Dr. Paul Gerber DDS - Pediatric Dentist

5 reviews Rating

Menlo Park, CA

"My daughter has only gone to Dr. Gerber and loves going. His office staff is professional and he is super gentle. I myself have a huge dental phobia so I am super conscious about caring dentists. This one is a ..."

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Dr. Andrew Zee DDS - Pediatric Dentist

4 reviews Rating

Redwood City, CA

"This man is gifted. My son has a number of issues (soft teeth, jaw too small for full set of adult teeth) and while he's had more than six teeth pulled and a number of cavities, he likes Dr. Zee ..."

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