Dr. Michael Rogers DDS - Dentist

262 reviews Rating

Arlington, VA (703) 671-1001 Call

"crowns, crowns, fillings and cleanings and never any pain or discomfort but no one likes the taste of the molds. everything else is stellar, love the office, love the dr Rogers and love the videos and tv during the procedures."

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Dr. Neal Kravitz DMD, MS - Orthodontist

142 reviews Rating

South Riding, VA 703 722 2900 Call

"Dr. Kravitz and his team are beyond amazing. They are always courteous to our girls. They take their time with my oldest (who is very nervous), and make sure she is comfortable with the process. They are always helpful and respond to after hours messages in a fast and professional manner. Dr. Kravitz is also very supportive of the community. ..."

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Dr. Gary Johnson DDS - Endodontist

18 reviews Rating

Vienna, VA 703-883-3990 Call

"I was waiting for my endo to perform a root canal but it becme inflamed and painful on Friday night. Saturday morning I started looking for options and saw Dr. Johnson had Saturday hours, They got me in right away and ended up performing two root canals. The cost was very reasonable with my insurance and he even personally called ..."

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Dr. Henry Zussman DDS - Oral Surgeon

16 reviews Rating

Fairfax, VA

"This was my first trip to Fairfax Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. I was referred by my dentist for a wisdom tooth extraction. Prior to surgery, I went online to their site, which is loaded with useful and helpful videos concerning ..."

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Dr. Michael Messina DDS - Dentist

9 reviews Rating

Reston, VA

"Best dentist in Northern Virginia. Excellent skills and cares for his patients."

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Dr. Ted Dikeman DDS - Dentist

8 reviews Rating

Arlington, VA

"Dr. Dikeman is a very skilled and friendly dentist. He has been practicing for decades and does a good job. He is honest and a good person and I don't think he'd try to just make a to make a ..."

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Dr. Raymund Favis DDS - Dentist

8 reviews Rating

Fairfax, VA

"Favis is a good general dentist but lacking understanding of TMJ conditions."

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Dr. Eric Foretich DDS - Oral Surgeon

10 reviews Rating

Mc Lean, VA

"Wisdom tooth removal. Dr. Foretich knowingly used anesthesia that conflicted with my medications, and used much less anesthesia than required. Procedure was extremely painful and lasted over 2 hours, when it normally should take only 30-45 minutes. I filed a ..."

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Dr. Gerald Smernoff DDS - Orthodontist

6 reviews Rating

Annandale, VA

"47 YO - fixed my bite, no more grinding or TMJ. Very satisfied with the results and care all during the process. Dr. Smirnoff is a perfectionist, noticing the smallest details for the best results possible. Added benefit, I smile ..."

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Dr. Stephen Bradley DDS - Dentist

11 reviews Rating

Vienna, VA

"All simple procedures such as cleanings and minor cosmetic fixes were fine--the problems arose when he has to do complicated and serious jobs on teeth. I wouldn't recommend going to him for anything bigger than a minor fix up like ..."

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