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Dr. Patrick Nolan DDS - Orthodontist

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Canton, MI

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I've finished my Orthodontic plan with Dr. Patrick Nolan, several months ago, and have been very pleased with the results. I had a cuspid impaction and had to have a special appliance built to pull this tooth down after a non-permanent tooth was extacted. Also, my bottom teeth were quite crooked. All in all, from the banding through the all of the orthodontic treatments, Dr. Nolan and his staff were always kind, courteous and professional. I would recommend Dr. Nolan to anyone who is considering Orthodontic treatment and I consider Dr. Nolan to be one of the best Orthodontists in Michigan. Also, Dr. Nolan is very good at pain management and although there can be considerable discomfort, at times, with the Orthodontic adjustments, Dr. Nolan always strove to help me manage my pain and always listened and reacted to my needs and suggestions. My results are fantastic and my new smile is proof positive that, although, Orthodontic treatment should be taken very seriouly, you can achieve amazing results if left in the hands of a skilled Orthodontist. I consider Dr. Nolan to be one of the best. Going to Dr. Nolan is definitely a win-win!

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