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Dr. Irwin Feldman DDS - Orthodontist

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Falls Church, VA

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Amazingly nice and supports your teeth to the max! He has perfected mine and my brothers mouths to beauties. He let's you know if an action might hurt, and praises the amount your teeth have moved every visit. He asks how your day was and just puts a smile on your face. =) My mother's english is not very well and is very patient in explaining details. He treats his work-mates with kindness and respect. The only problem that I hope will not always be there are the secretaries. They are not as patient as Dr. Feldman. They show there annoyance openly. I once was picking the date for the next appointment for my brother and I, and I wanted to choose a afternoon date but she snapped at me because apparently my family always gets the afternoon times. She corrected herself (without apologizing) a second later and said we had one more afternoon appointment. I picked a date and left with only half of the happiness Dr. Feldman gave me. This is only one account and there have been many more with both women. Overall, any patient would be happy with there teeth here, and I would recommend this office to any friends. The secretaries are not a full reason not to have him. Sorry, but I don't know the cost as my mother won't tell me =(

I know this doctor: 4 years

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